Weligama's Underwater World

Weligama is indeed the place where you can find loads various kinds of Nudibranchs. The pinnacles around the dive sites are the ideal place for this colorful animals. You might also see Blue Whales, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the Bay of Weligama and Mirissa. Sea Turtles, Electric Rays, Moray Eels and huge variety of fish can be found between the massive rock formations.

DISPA ROCK - (30 min Boating Time & 32 m Depth)

North East of Weligama Bay, out in the blue, you will find this majestic underwater pinnacle. This place has a sandy bottom with smaller rocks around this massive mountain.

A great spot where you can do deep diving and get the possibility to see Blue Whales, Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

The top of the pinnacle is full covered by tiny blue Triggerfishes and Barracudas which are there for hunting.

underwater blue whale

YALA ROCK - (20 min Boating Time & 24 m Depth)

One of Welligama most impressive dive site. Big rock formations rise up from 20 m to highest peak just 5 m below the surface.

Yala Rock offers adventurous swim throughs provided by little caves. There are Stone and Lion-fishes along the rocks.

Turtles and Lobsters also can be spotted during the dive. To be surrounded by a big school of Fusiliers and Snappers, during the safety stop, on the top of the mountain is a great experience.


PATCH POINT - (30 min Boating Time & 20 m Depth)

Known as the Prince Heinrichs Patch in the maritime charts of Sri Lanka. This dive site is located south east of Weligama Bay and 3 km in front of Mirissa Beach.

From the old days, small round rocks are spreading all over the place. Merchant ships arrived at this area and throw over board this stones they were carrying, to replace them with spicy for europe.

Patch Point has a great marine life and is the home of Powder Blue Surgenfishes, Clown Triggerfishes, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Stingrays and many others underwater animals.

clown triggerfish

BRIDGE ROCK - (20 min Boating Time & 20 m Depth)

Most swim throughs and little caves are located in this area.

Loads of cracks, make this place perfect for Moray Eels, Cleaner Shrips and various kinds of Nudibranchs.

swim through

MIRISSA POINT - (15 min Boating Time & 12 m Depth)

Mirissa Point is a good place to start your beginner course.The depth of the dive site is between 6 m and 12 m with a sandy bottom.

The perfect location to do your first steps into diving. Angelfish, Parrotfish, Groupers and giant Bufferfish can be observed.